Fast Break Points- June 1 Notebook

Thabo Sefolosha deservedly garnered a lot of attention after the Thunder’s Game 3 victory over the San Antonio Spurs for both his defense and also his offensive outburst. On Friday after practice, Thunder players like Sefolosha took the time to credit guard Russell Westbrook, who despite not shooting well from the floor, truly dictated the flow of the offense and pace of the game.

“I think Russ did a great, great job of setting people up,” Sefolosha said. “KD (Durant) did a great job of finding us behind the three point line and giving us those shots. You have to find the open man and make those shots.

Head Coach Scott Brooks said that he thought Westbrook was a guy that had a big part in the 102-82 win. According to Brooks, Westbrook really controlled the tempo of the game because he got easy looks and shots when they needed it. In addition, Westbrook’s defense was good in the team concept and on offense as a floor leader.

“I was trying to just stay active, stay in the game and keep my team going,” Westbrook said. “That we won, that’s all that matters regardless of what the shots look like. If our team wins, that’s all that matters.”

Below are the Fast Break Points from Friday's practice:

-Serge Ibaka on the Thunder’s attitude: “We have our confidence back, it was very important for us to get that win last night. Now we have our confidence back and we’re ready to go for tomorrow.”

- Brooks said that obviously the Thunder is excited about the win, the crowd was terrific, but you have to move on quickly. Today was just about being around the guys and focusing on what they did well and some areas that they need to get better. Their attitude is always about the next game and the team will lock in at shootaround tomorrow.

- Thabo Sefolosha said the bigs deserve credit on the pick-and-roll defense for being aggressive and calling out screens. Kevin Durant said that Ibaka, Kendrick Perkins, Westbrook and Sefolosha all had active hands up top on the pick-and-roll.

-Perkins said the bigs must just try to keep a body on Tim Duncan, and you have to respect him because of the player that he is and the player that he’s been in the past. He calls a lot of attention so the Thunder just tries to keep a body on him and contest every shot.

-Durant said the Thunder was there for each other and made second efforts. Against the Spurs, the Thunder has to make more than one effort and according to Durant, if the team wants to give itself a chance it has to continue to do that.

- Durant said the Thunder made a conscious effort of moving the ball and passing up a good shot to get a great shot. The team looked at the way they were turning the ball over and wanted to eliminate that and also wanted to drive and kick for a good shot and trust each other.

-Derek Fisher said that the Thunder is still in the same mentality of protecting home court and has another opportunity. In order to put together another quality effort similar to last night’s, the key is to forget about last night and throw it out the window and approach tomorrow’s game as its own game. Different people are going to make shots, so it is important to play the game as it comes, not feeling that there is a script. The Thunder must just lay it all out on the line again like last night.