Fast Break Points- May 29 Notebook

SAN ANTONIO -- After the final buzzer sounded on Sunday night’s 101-98 loss to the San Antonio Spurs in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, the Thunder immediately turned its attention to Game 2. Through a practice on Monday that included a long film session and a shootaround this morning, Head Coach Scott Brooks’ team has made some necessary adjustments and got a spark from getting onto the practice floor with some new material to work with.

“I think we’ve always had good shootarounds, our guys are always focused and the energy level is high,” Brooks said. “It was not a long shootaround but it was spirited. It’s always that way. I don’t know if that means we’re going to play much better tonight in the fourth quarter, but I know we’re going to play hard like we always do.”

The Thunder is perpetually learning about itself and finding ways to get a better understanding of NBA basketball with each successive game and practice session. With a young core of players like Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Serge Ibaka, the Thunder gleaned a few nuggets about Playoff basketball and what it will take to give itself a chance to win Game 2.

“We just have to keep playing, keep playing hard,” Durant said. “We have to keep going, we can’t worry about the last game. We have to learn from, which we did, and move on.”

Below are the Fast Break Points from Tuesday's shootaround:

- Brooks said that if you don’t have butterflies, you don’t love what you do. He wouldn’t have admitted it when he played in the NBA, but you always have a good nervousness because you care about what you do.

- Brooks said that anytime you coach an NBA game, you have a lot of decisions to make and that the Thunder has a lot of good players that can finish games. The team has multiple ways to play and win games and has been successful with lots of different guys on the court.

- When asked about Thabo Sefolosha, Brooks said that he is one of the Thunder’s best defenders and Ginobili is one of their best offensive players. Both Sefolosha and Harden and Fisher and Westbrook can do the job.

- Brooks said that James Harden will continue to be aggressive in the flow of the offense. He took the ball to the basket strong but didn’t get to the free throw line in Game 1, which hopefully he can do in Game 2.

- Brooks said his team didn’t pass the ball in the fourth quarter the way it did in the first three quarters, which allowed the Spurs to set up their defense. The Thunder has to move the ball and rotate the ball, which Durant echoed by saying it’s all about playing for 48 minutes the way they did the first three quarters.

-Durant said that he is the kind of person that wants to win every game they play. He wanted to win Sunday and wants to win tonight too. The Thunder must play harder on defense, move the ball on offense, which it did in the first three quarters but in the fourth quarter went away from it. Durant said it was a learning experience and tonight is a great opportunity.

- Harden said that the team is locked in and focused and ready to take another crack at getting a win on the road. The Thunder has to move the ball better on offense to get good shots.

- Harden said the Thunder really gets after it on the defensive end, takes pride individually and as a team on defense and thinks his team played well in the first three quarters of Game 1 but has to just get back to doing what they do for the whole game.