A full 45 minutes after practice was over, Derek Fisher was still on the court, hoisting three-pointers with the help of Thunder assistant coaches. Many of his other Thunder teammates spent extra time on the practice floor as well, but it was the 15-year veteran’s presence on the floor that served as a perfect metaphor for the team’s maturation and prevailing attitude- constant vigilance.

As Thunder guards Daequan Cook, Eric Maynor and Reggie Jackson strolled into Science Museum Oklahoma on Friday night and headed to the big double doors in the auditorium, they had no idea what was about to hit them. About 400 of the 1000 Thunder fans in attendance were waiting for them on the other side, and once Jackson and Maynor first entered the room, the crowd burst with applause, then when Cook walked in 20 seconds later, the audience exploded yet again, welcoming all three players to the Devon Thunder Kids Club Spring Event.