Thunder Dare


Once upon a time, Jeremy Miller’s life revolved around football. But then the Thunder rolled into Oklahoma City, and this 32-year-old Norman, Okla., native became a Thunder convert overnight.

“I love the home games, with the way the crowd gets into it from Loud City,” he said. ““I lose my voice every time I’m there. I love the interaction from fans and even the players.”

A mobile deejay, Jeremy is no stranger to bombast – and so he doesn’t mince words when it comes to the depth of his Thunder devotion.

“I would practically do, wear or scream anything to support my team,” he said. “I literally am willing to do anything!”

Sounds like a dare to us.

Thunder fans, daring and non-daring alike, can check out the online, interactive community known as THUNDERALLY.

Phil Bacharach is the Director of Corporate Communications for the Thunder. He is looking for die-hard Thunder fans throughout the world. If you or somebody you know bleeds Thunder blue, contact Phil by clicking here