Easing the Move


In the summer of 2009, Monica Piros, her husband and their three sons moved to Oklahoma from their small town in the Canadian province of Alberta. The transition proved challenging for the boys: 9-year-old Austin, 7-year-old Jonah and 5-year-old Magellan.

“Being thousands of miles away from their extended family and friends was, at times, a difficult adjustment,” said their mom. “I found myself going to great lengths to find ways for the boys to immerse themselves in activities unique to Oklahoma City, so they were able to feel more at home.”

That led the family to check out a Thunder game at the Ford Center. The boys were mesmerized by the experience -- the heart-racing action, the roar of the crowd, the free T-shirts dropped from rafters -- and left as if in a trance.

And then there was Rumble.

“It was love at first sight,” Monica said. “My brood keeps asking when he can come hang out at our place. I've had to stop my boys from bowling over other children at public events just to get closer to him, and the sillier he is, the more they love him.”

That home game would be the first of many family outings in Loud City. The three boys joined the Thunder Kids Club, with the two oldest signing up for a Thunder dance clinic.

“I'm most excited, however, about my son Austin's newfound interest in basketball and his determination to learn to play the game,” said Monica.

“He has some special needs that make it difficult for him to concentrate and master gross motor skills, but he is determined to give it a try.”

Ultimately, Monica said, the Thunder has been invaluable enriching the lives of her kids.

“The boys have discovered great role models to look up to,” said the 39-year-old woman. “They now feel a connection to their community that has intensified since relocating from the only other home they've known.”

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