Thunder Rumbling in California


During the first round of the 2009-10 NBA Playoffs, a fair number of Thunder loyalists managed to infiltrate the crush of Los Angeles Lakers fans packed in that city’s Staples Center.

Among them was Joseph Masiel. A resident of the southern California town of Hemet, he wasn’t about to forego a chance to see his beloved Thunder in the playoffs. The 26-year-old youth director made it to all three of the games in L.A., where he dutifully wore a Thunder jersey.

“I am asked all the time, ‘You live in California, so why aren't you a Lakers fan?’” Masiel said. “My reply is, ‘You live in California, too, so why aren't you a Clippers fan, or a Warriors fan, or a Kings fan?’”

Asked to expand on his love for the Thunder, Masiel again answers a question with a question.

“What’s not to love?” he said.

“The players don't act like they are above the world. They are just like you and me. They have strong character, and it is easy to see that even while watching them play. They all seem to have respect for their coach and for each other. They play hard for one another on a nightly basis

“As far as their intensity and energy go, I love how they push the ball up and down the court. They are the youngest, fastest, freshest, funnest team in the arena, night in and night out. There is no telling how good this team can be if they continue to work hard and play together. The exciting thing is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Fans from far and wide can be found on the online, interactive community called THUNDERALLY.

Phil Bacharach is the Director of Corporate Communications for the Thunder. He is looking for die-hard Thunder fans throughout the world. If you or somebody you know bleeds Thunder blue, contact Phil by clicking here