Tears of Happiness

Diana Beck loves everything about the Oklahoma City Thunder, including its celebrated mascot. So when Rumble the Bison showed up at her home last Valentine’s Day for a surprise visit – a gift from Diana’s husband – the experience just proved to be more happiness than one Rumble admirer could bear.

“When Rumble showed up, it was pure mayhem for about 25 minutes,” Diana recalled.

“I couldn't do anything but cry, I was so emotional about it all. I spent the entire time he was there crying. I love him so much and was just overwhelmed.”

When Diana says she loves Rumble, she’s not kidding.

“I love that he is so athletic and talented,” she said. “He is an amazing drummer. Have you seen him walk all the way up the arena on the backs of the chairs with those fluffy feet? That is amazing!”

And there’s more.

“I love the way he interacts with the crowd and the way he fixes his hair before someone takes a picture of him,” continued Diana.

“I love the way he picks on the opposing fans. He is a great dancer. I love how he loves the crowd and the Thunder.”

She’s had plenty of time to observe the bushy bison. Diana attended 40 Thunder home games last season. It would have been the season’s full 41 had it not been for surgery on her right shoulder.

“Otherwise,” she said, “I would have been there physically.”

As it is, Diana keeps part of the Thunder with her at home. She and husband Gary have a wall in their Midwest City, Okla., house dedicated to their favorite team. Painted in Thunder orange, the sacred wall boasts posters, autographed photos and a pennant. A Thunder basketball is featured in a display case.

“We plan our vacations or weekend trips around home games. We just don't want to miss any games,” Diana said.

“I used to never read the sports section or care about the drafts, or even the playoffs. Now we want to know exactly what's going on with our guys and our team as a whole.”

One way the Thunder faithful can know what’s going on is to visit THUNDERALLY, which is dedicated to all things Thunder.

Phil Bacharach is the Director of Corporate Communications for the Thunder. He is looking for die-hard Thunder fans throughout the world. If you or somebody you know bleeds Thunder blue, contact Phil by clicking here