Thunderhead of Class

By day, mild-mannered Josh Newby works on video production for the Chickasaw Nation. But at night -- at least on game days -- this 29-year-old husband and father of two transforms into … Thunderhead.

That is to say, Josh drives from his Ada, OK., home to the Ford Center, where he dons a blue-and-white costume and puts on a huge Thunder logo that completely envelopes his noggin.

“I actually can be kind of shy, really,” said Josh. “I get nervous talking in front of 10 people, but have no problem acting silly in front of thousands. Wearing the costume makes it easier to just let go. I don't drink. The costume is what gets me loose. You tend to quit worrying about what people think when you are wearing something that crazy.”

Despite the healthy commute from Ada, Josh attends as many Thunder games as he can. He even made the trip to Dallas in February for the NBA All-Star Game, where he saw Kevin Durant win the H.O.R.S.E. competition for the second straight year. In his non-Thunderhead time, Josh routinely stays on top of the Thunder through websites and sports-talk radio.

“At the games we get to see Oklahomans come together as one,” he said. “No division over orange or crimson -- just one team. Good people being not just good fans, but the best fans.”

For Josh, the Thunder experience is an adrenaline charge like no other.

“The fans really seem to like it,” he said about being Thunderhead. “I end up taking pictures with them and slapping a lot of high fives during the games. I feel like I am part of the whole Ford Center experience. I think people are a little less concerned about looking goofy cheering or dancing during the Dance Cam when there’s a guy in front of them wearing blue tights and a giant logo on his head. As long as I can help loosen up the crowd like that, there will always be a reason for me to be Thunderhead.”

Thunderhead is among the fans you’ll find on THUNDERALLY, an online interactive community for Thunder fans.

Phil Bacharach is the Director of Corporate Communications for the Thunder. He is looking for die-hard Thunder fans throughout the world. If you or somebody you know bleeds Thunder blue, contact Phil by clicking here