SandRidge Energy, Thunder Giveaway Sneakers At Local School

They chanted Rumble’s name, danced with the Thunder Girls and compared sneaker sizes with a trio of Thunder players.

It was quite the treat for the 175 or so students at Dunbar Elementary School in Oklahoma City on Thursday, as SandRidge Energy, Inc., and the Thunder hosted their second annual shoe party.

Thanks to SandRidge employee donations and help from Baptists Athletics Supplies, everyone walked away with a new pair of Nike sneakers.

“The kids just love it and you can see the energy in the house,” SandRidge Director of Community Relations Phil Fair said.

SandRidge adopted Dunbar Elementary School about two years ago, and one of its biggest annual events with the school is a shoe giveaway. SandRidge also supplied buses for the students to take part in their annual SandRidge Santa Run a week ago, and about 35-40 employees make weekly visits to the school as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

“They just do so many things to build self esteem,” Dunbar principal Leota Betts said. “This is such a faith-based program in everything we do.”

Added State Representative of District 99 Anastasia A. Pittman: “It’s a wonderful occasion to take off a work day and come to school and impress upon students that you can make a difference, you can do a good job and we’re going to help you do it and we’re going to give you shoes.”

This is the second year that SandRidge partnered with the Thunder for the giveaway, and this time Thunder players Nick Collison, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were on hand to fit students for sneakers, pose for pictures, sign autographs and show off their own kicks.

Rumble and the Thunder Girls, presented by FireLake Grand Casino, provided the entertainment. Toward the end of the event, they had all the students doing the Cupid Shuffle on the gymnasium floor, in their new sneakers, of course.

“All I was doing was loosening up the laces and handing them over,” Collison said. “They were pretty excited about it. I know when I was a kid, I’d get like one pair of shoes a year, at the start of the year, and then I’d get a pair for basketball then I’d wear those for the rest of the year. So I know if I would have gotten a pair of shoes at school I would’ve been pretty excited.”

Added Westbrook: “It’s fun, they were excited. It was fun to see the smiles on their faces.”

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