Season in Review: #21 Andre Roberson

By Nick Gallo | Thunder Basketball Writer

In his MVP acceptance speech, Kevin Durant called him one of his favorite teammates ever. To the Thunder, Andre Roberson was the consummate professional, even as a rookie.

As a defensive sparkplug whose instincts and athleticism allow him to be a high level rebounder, Roberson found a way to impact the game for the Thunder both on and off the floor in 2013-14.

Because of injuries throughout the year, Roberson started 16 games and was trusted to defend shooting guards from Kobe Bryant to DeMar Derozan and everyone in between. He showed flashes of what the Thunder believes he can become with more development, so this offseason Roberson will continue to work with the coaching staff to improve both his physical and mental habits to ensure he’s ready to be a contributor on both ends of the floor next season.

“Get better in the weight room, work on my game every day, continue to grow as a person and take advantage of the opportunities given to me at hand,” Roberson said. “Then get ready for Summer League as well as next season.”

“It’s a little bit of everything, as well as the mental aspect of the game, whether it’s schemes or strategy of the game,” Roberson explained. “Little stuff like that can always help a young player like me out.”


Every single day for the past eight months, Andre Roberson has honed his routine and worked with assistant coaches on the form of his jump shot. At the beginning of the season, his motion wasn’t ideal, but as the season progressed, it was evident even in pregame warmups and at shoot around that Roberson was becoming increasingly comfortable with his mechanics.

“I’ve been changing my shot since I got here, so it’s been a transition for me,” Roberson said. “I’m going hard every day and sticking with it. It’s a process with the shot. You can’t change it overnight.”

Roberson knows that in order to become a complete player, rounding out his defensive and rebounding abilities, maximizing his offensive arsenal will be essential to his ability to see playing time. Even if it isn’t with his jump shot, Roberson can impact the game on the offensive end as a rebounder, cutter and finisher at the rim.