Another Good Practice Day for Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder is focusing in on a few “little tweaks,” for Wednesday night’s game against the Denver Nuggets. As to what exactly those might be, “I can’t tell you that,” kidded Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks when a reporter asked.

“You know you really can’t change a whole lot,” Brooks went on to say, “because our philosophy is our philosophy, so just a few little tweaks here and there.”

Thunder shooting guard Thabo Sefolosha said those ‘little tweaks’ are really small.

“Sometimes it’s just positioning, I mean like three feet up or three feet down, but it can make a difference. Going and getting more offensive rebounds, getting back on defense all that small stuff really makes a difference.”

Those are some of the things that can stand out in a playoff series. When you play the same team over and over again and look at game tape over and over again.

“Exactly,” Sefolosha agreed. “Especially on the defensive end because I think we were far from playing our best defensive game that we could and I think that’s positive because despite that, we still won.”

It’s always better to making little changes after you win rather than big changes after you lose.

“Every game is its own game,” Brooks said. “You have to learn from it and you have to adjust. You can’t get too down and you can’t get too high.”

That’s just one of the many things Brooks likes about his team. They practice the same way every day. Whether they’re coming off a big win or a tough loss. Today was no exception.

“We had a very good practice,” Brooks said. “Our guys were really locked in and focused on some of the adjustments that will be made, that needed to be made and I’m looking forward to seeing it transfer over to tomorrow night. It wasn’t long, but it was pretty physical. We gave our guys a few different looks and we’re all excited about tomorrow’s opportunity.”

“We’ve been getting after it,” agreed backup shooting guard James Harden. “Really physical today. We’re really working on some of their plays and things that we saw that we can correct from game one and trying to incorporate into game two.”

The Thunder still have time to work on a few more little tweaks, Game 2 in the Thunder-Nuggets playoff series doesn’t start till tomorrow night.

Tip-off is set for 7 p.m. inside Oklahoma City Arena. You can watch all the action on Fox Sports Oklahoma or listen in on the Thunder Radio Network.