Wilson Boys BB Team to Receive 'Thunder Experience'

Thunder Girls and more to ‘Thunder-ize’ Wilson High School boys’ game Tuesday night

Oklahoma City, Monday, Dec. 17 – The Oklahoma City Thunder will deliver a reward to the Wilson High School boys team on Tuesday evening for their dedication to community service. The team earned a Thunder experience for their home game against Bray-Doyle, which is scheduled to include appearances by the Thunder Girls and other Thunder entertainers.

The evening will also include game-night music and Thunder-themed introductions for the players.

The Wilson team earned the experience as a part of the Thunder High School Basketball Community Challenge, which encouraged high school teams across the state to give back to their communities. The boys team took on a number of community projects, including removing tree limbs, repairing fences and cleaning litter from ditches. By logging more than 1,000 hours, the Wilson team won the challenge and the Thunder home-game experience.

This is the second consecutive year the Wilson boys team has won the Community Challenge.

“The Wilson High School boys team has truly shown its full commitment to the community,” said Christine Berney, director of Community Relations for the Thunder. “The players and coaches are a testament to the power of teamwork and to the connection that sports and service can have.

“We’re excited to give something back to this team and this community for their hard work, and we hope to give Wilson all the fun of the full Thunder experience.”