Thunder, Rebuilding Together to Refurbish House

OKLAHOMA CITY, Friday, March 18 – This week the Oklahoma City Thunder began its third annual Rebuilding Together home refurbishment. The players, coaches and basketball staff will assist with renovating the home of Anna Bell Higgins, 72, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The Thunder basketball staff worked on the Higgins home Thursday and each player will be on site to complete the project Saturday afternoon.

Higgins, a native of Grayson, Okla., has lived in the home for 32 years. She moved back to Oklahoma City in 1974 and founded Higgins Fish Market on Springlake Drive. Within the span of one year, Higgins suffered the loss of her husband and only child, Jonet. She now resides in the house with her granddaughter Ashley, 22; grandson Rickey, 28, and his wife; along with her great-grandsons Taviyon, 1, and Jaon, 4.

In addition to the house refurbishment, the Thunder’s official “Day of Service” is under way today. More than 300 volunteers from around the state are currently participating in various service projects throughout Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma City Rescue Mission and the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank are two locations hosting Day of Service volunteers. Volunteers who finish three hours or more receive a discounted ticket to tonight’s game.

This year’s project is sponsored by Seven ‘S’ Foundation. The Seven ‘S’ Foundation is a private, family foundation based in Oklahoma City.