Behind The Photo: Jack Sikma

Kevin Pelton, SUPERSONICS.COM | Dec. 2, 2004

Sonics Photos

From time to time, SUPERSONICS.COM will find a picture so good it demands more than just the usual attention - it deserves, as Paul Harvey might say, the rest of the story. We came across the photo at right featuring Sonics assistant coach Jack Sikma with fitness expert Jack LaLanne, circa some unknown time in the 1980s, and simply had to know more. First, we went to a couple of unsuspecting Sonics and asked them about the picture, and then we went to Sikma himself.

Rookie center Robert Swift:

Do you recognize the guy he's with?
Swift: He looks familiar, but I don't know.

Who would win if they arm wrestled?
Swift: By the looks of it, the guy with the shorter arms. Little guys are sneaky, let's put it that way. They've got some stuff to frustrate big men.

Turkish guard Ibrahim Kutluay:

Do you know who this is with Jack Sikma?
Kutluay: No.

If I were to tell you he was famous, why would you think that was?
Kutluay: (Laughs). Famous? He looks like a bodybuilder, but I don't know.

If they were to arm wrestle, who would win?
Kutluay: Jack.

That's a copout answer - they're both Jack!
Kutluay: I think this other guy would win.

Jack Sikma:

Do you know the story behind this photo?
Sikma: I don't. I remember meeting him, because I was surprised at how short he was. But I have no idea when this was, what year, whatever, other than with the uniforms and I'm a captain, it's the early 80s sometime.

Who would win if you and him arm wrestled?
Sikma: I would have him. Leverage always wins out. No question.