Thunder Welcomes Millionth Fan to Ford Center

Kimberlan and Chuck Alley were hoping to make their grandchildren’s first Thunder game a memorable one.

That shouldn’t have been a problem on Friday, as Kimberlan, 43, was the millionth fan to pass through the Ford Center turnstiles in the season-plus that the Thunder has been in Oklahoma City. Within seconds, Rumble was giving them group hugs, streamers were flying, music was blaring through a boom box and onlookers were applauding.

"My gosh, I'm overwhelmed,” Kimberlan said. “This is our first time bringing our grandkids. This is awesome."

Kimberlan came to the arena knowing that the millionth fan would be in attendance. She realized it her when Rumble made his way to the Alleys just as they entered the Ford Center.

The Alleys, who reside in Choctaw, have been season ticketholders since the Thunder came to Oklahoma City, and Kimberlan said they haven’t missed a game. They usually sit in Section 326, but on this night they were being upgraded to courtside.

Kimberlan said she usually brings her daughter and son-in-law to games, but since they had a prior engagement they figured tonight would be a good time to introduce their grandsons, Kyler, 5, and Konnor, 4, to Thunder basketball.

The Alleys also won a suite for later use, a “millionth fan” jersey, a signed team ball, gift cards, Thunder merchandise, a future Rumble appearance and a pair of KD2s.

“I just saw the big orange shoes because I looked at those last week and I thought, oh my gosh these are crazy,” said Kimberlan, who will keep the sneakers for herself.

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