Collison Helps Host Homeland Shopping Spree

Dee White’s sons Robert and William couldn’t stand still when they first met Nick Collison.

Minutes later, they were joking with him, running up and down grocery store aisles with him and hanging out just like good buddies. On Monday after practice, Collison met up with White and the youngest two of her four sons at a Homeland grocery store in Oklahoma City to help her pick out carts upon carts of free food for her family to enjoy. Not only was the much-needed pantry and refrigerator replenishment a big boost, but having Collison along for the ride was extra special.

“It was a great experience,” White said. “He is so easy to talk to, he made it fun. It was very, very fun. This will really impact my family in a positive way.”

The energetic fourth and second grade boys plucked desired items off the shelf, some passing the mom test with some extra-sugary snacks not quite being up to muster. Collison helped the two youngsters choose items and treated them like buddies all over the store as they laughed about certain products and picked out some great Thanksgiving food. White said her sons might have never had the opportunity to meet a Thunder player, and for Collison to be so friendly and easy-going was a real treat.

“It felt like they had known him forever,” White said.

Nominated by her co-worker, Sara Whitfield from Nichols Hills Elementary, it was clear that White felt incredibly fortunate to be selected for the event. As a working mother with four boys who all play sports, White said that sometimes it can be difficult to make it all come together for her family. However, White said that because of how well-behaved and sweet her kids are, she has a wonderful family and feels truly blessed.

“They’re great kids,” White said. “I don’t have the problems that some people have with their kids. I have a great support system in my family. The only thing I can say is that I’m truly blessed.”

After Collison, White and her two sons loaded up all the food at the register and it was bagged up, they had three full shopping carts worth of food to take home. With hungry, growing boys, a fully stocked kitchen is a mom’s most important tool to keeping her kids happy and healthy, and White said the goods from the shopping trip will surely be put to good use.

“It’s a lot of food, but it will be used, trust and believe me!” White said. The bags had been packed and as they were about to be loaded towards the car, Collison ensured that White and her boys would have another opportunity to feel blessed. Collison gave her another gift card to Homeland, so that she could make more trips to the grocery store as her family needs it going forward.

“I appreciate that, I’m just cheesing because I’m so, so happy and so blessed,” White said. “This is why people support the Thunder, because it’s a family team. A lot of teams say they do stuff like this, but don’t. But I experienced it first hand, and I’m truly blessed.”