Harden's Special Surprise for Britton Students

At Britton Elementary in north Oklahoma City, the students – all the way from prekindergarten to fifth grade – know that the school’s mission is to “create a positive learning environment where children love to learn.”

But they also know it’s not easy to create that environment without all the right tools in place.

On Monday, Thunder guard James Harden helped make that part of the school’s job a little easier by making a donation of school supplies and technology for all the students to enjoy.

“This was a dream come true,” said Principal Kimberly Zachery. “To receive the school supplies at this time of year when we need them so bad – it’s just awesome.”

Harden’s donation included everything from colored pencils and binders to help the kids with their day-to-day learning. For the library, Harden donated a laptop computer and two Kindle Fire tablets.

“Growing up, I wish that I’d had the supplies and laptops and all the new technology that’s out right now,” said Harden. “It’s a good feeling because … I can give it back to them.”

Though the staff knew in advance about the donation and the Thunder player’s appearance, the entire event was a surprise to Britton’s students, who had just trundled into school to begin a new week.

When Harden walked in, he was impressed that the kids were “all excited and loud early this morning; kind of actually woke me up.”

Students greeted the player with cheers and no shortage of awed expressions. Staying true to their school’s mission, when Harden asked, “Who here likes school?” nearly every hand shot up in the air.

After making the presentation, encouraging the kids to stay in school and taking a few pictures with students and teachers alike, Harden left for team practice with the children’s energy and excitement still making an impression.

“It felt good to actually put a smile on their face,” he added.