Collison Helps Family Shop for Groceries

What for some was a weekly chore of going to the grocery store to pick up some household needs was an exciting shopping spree for the Coman family on Thursday afternoon. Meri Koman and her family won a $500 shopping spree thanks to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Homeland Grocery Store and the Regional Food Bank. Koman and her husband Tim have five children, three that live at home, and there are 25 years in age between her oldest daughter and youngest daughter. For a special treat, Thunder forward Nick Collison went along for the trip to Homeland in the Southridge area of Oklahoma City.

"She has a lot of mouths to feed, a lot of hungry kids and she was bragging about her cooking," Collison joked. "So it's good that she'll be able to cook some good meals for the kids. It's great for the organization to be able to help out people in the community. We get so much support here, so it's only right to be able to give back to people. The community relations department does a great job of putting us in situations like this where we can help some people out."

The Koman's seemed like a humble, loving family as the three youngest children and one of their close friends joined Meri on the shopping trip. Zira, the family's youngest daughter stuck close to her brothers Devin and Matt at first but eventually all four of the Komans opened up, joked and laughed with Collison. Ziri attends Mustang Elementary School, where Cathy Nicek is the school counselor. Nicek worked with the "Food for Kids" program and said that the Koman's are an excellent family who have been through a lot, and they were the first family who came to mind when she was approached by the Thunder with the opportunity.

"It was very fun and exhilarating, and at the same time, mind-blowing," Meri Koman said. "There are no words to express the gratitude that I have. This means a lot."

Gushing is one word to describe Meri Koman after her shopping spree, particularly when Collison surprised her with another $500 gift card to Homeland for her to use in the future. Koman couldn't have been more gracious towards Collison, the Thunder and Nicek as she and her family pushed their five shopping carts out the door and towards the car. The extra $500 came as a complete shock to Koman, who was brought to tears with joy about how much the trip means to her family.

"It's just fun to help people out," Collison said. "To have the opportunity to come in here on a day like today, on an off day and do some nice things for people, it makes you feel good. It gives us an opportunity to give back individually too. We all benefit from the fans and support we get here too in Oklahoma City."