Bobblehead Craze Coming to KeyArena

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Bobblehead Craze Coming to KeyArena


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Jonathan Tallariti, SUPERSONICS.COM | February 1, 2008

Kevin Durant,Chris Wilcox and Nick Collison stood at center court after a recent practice, smiling wide as they first laid eyes on the bobbleheads that were created in their likeness. Fresh out of the packaging and into their hands, the players shared laughs and jokes while playfully giving each other a bad time about what they thought about their teammates' bobbleheads.

While standing between Collison and Wilcox, Durant put the popular toys to the test. He reached over and tapped the head of Wilcox’s bobblehead. Sure enough, it bobbled back and forth while all three of the players continued to laugh.

This season the Sonics will be giving away 10,000 bobbleheads to fans at each of three select games:

  • Monday, Feb. 4: Nick Collison, presented by FSN.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 19: Kevin Durant, presented by All-State Insurance Company.
  • Friday, March 14: Chris Wilcox, presented by KeyBank.

    One bobblehead of each player has been created in all-gold and will be distributed to a random fan as they enter KeyArena before the game, as part of a “Golden Ticket” promotion. Not only will the winner receive the limited-edition bobblehead, but they also will receive a courtside seat upgrade, the featured player's authentic jersey and the opportunity to meet the player after the game.

    “We are pleased to reintroduce the SuperSonics bobblehead series, a longtime Sonics tradition and fan favorite promotion,” said Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Byrnes. “These limited edition collectibles are a must for any Sonics fan, and the Golden Bobblehead is a way for us to reward a lucky fan with a once in a lifetime game experience.”

    Wilcox, Durant and Collison have not seen the last of their bobbleheads. Each of the players will be looking into the crowd on a game-night this season and seeing a reflection of themselves in the hands of the fans.

    Each of the player’s bobbleheads is decked-out in green and yellow Sonics attire. Although the bobbleheads of Collison, Durant and Wilcox are just 1/12th of their actual body size, they resemble the players in several aspects. They are brought to life by the detail that captures each of the player’s physical and stylistic attributes.

    Make sure you don't miss out on the Sonics bobbleheads by purchasing tickets to any of the giveaway nights or go to all three with the special 3-Game Bobblehead Package.

    Looking at each of the bobbleheads' faces is like seeing a mini-me version of the players. The likeness is striking. Each has a game-time expression, as if they are in the last minute of an intense battle on the hardwood. Collison and Wilcox are holding the ball like they just wrestled down a rebound. Durant is staring down the rim, as if he is going to spot up for a long-range three, or shake the defender and explode down the lane for a dunk.

    The idea of bobbleheads has been around for more than a century, but it wasn’t until 1999 when their popularity sky-rocketed. The San Francisco Giants gave away 35,000 bobbleheads at a game featuring baseball legend Willie Mays that were made by Alexander Global Promotions. Since then, Alexander Global Promotions has produced more than 28 million bobbleheads.

    The bobbleheads made by Alexander Global Promotions are constructed with cold cast ceramic. The company uses a process called laser mapping to bring out all of the features found in the player’s appearance. The process digitally copies the player’s face in order to bring out even the smallest details.

    The reaction shared by Durant, Wilcox and Collison attests to how fun and creative the bobbleheads are and is a prelude to what Sonics fans can expect. Make sure you don't miss the Sonics bobblehead nights.