Blue Alliance Chapter of the Month - William Stafford

How did you get started as a Blue Alliance Captain?

I got started as a Blue Alliance Captain because I loved the Thunder and was interested in hosting parties at various locations to watch the games with my friends and people that I met.

What got you hooked on the Thunder?

What got me hooked on basketball was actually the Hornets, but what got me hooked on the Thunder is the intensity in the arena and the fact that, no matter what, when you walk in to the arena or see someone with a Thunder shirt, you know you have a friend.

How many members do you have in your Blue Alliance Chapter?

In my Blue Alliance Chapter, I have 112 strong, supportive Thunder Blue Alliance members!

What’s been your favorite moment as a Blue Alliance Captain?

My favorite moment as a Blue Alliance Captain has been the opportunity to organize events and be congratulated for how they went, It has also been really great to be with other people who love the Thunder as much as I do, if not more!

What’s your top goal for the next year in the Blue Alliance?

My top goal for next year in the Blue Alliance is get more people aware of what Blue Alliance is. I would also like to get people within the group to use the talents they have to help the group grow!

How many pieces of Thunder gear do you own?

I lost count of all the pieces of Thunder gear I have. Being a Season Ticket Member, all the perks you get really add up.

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