Postgame Quotes Thunder vs Spurs


Thunder Quotes

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. San Antonio Spurs



Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden:


On the game:

“Everybody was on the same page. We were active. Thabo (Sefolosha) did a great job on the ball with Tony Parker and using his length. Great defensive team effort tonight and we have to bring the same thing to Game 4.”


On the team’s confidence level:

“We had confidence going into the series. In the two games we lost I thought we played the Spurs well. Tonight, we just put everything together. In Game 4 we’ve got to play the same way. Come out with energy on defense and get out in transition and get some easy buckets.”


Oklahoma City Thunder guard Thabo Sefolosha:


H were you able to be so effective tonight?

“I think it was just one of those games. We came to play, the whole team and it worked out for us. But my teammates did a great job finding me and I was reading them. I think I played pretty well defensively and that got me going offensively as well.”


What was the difference with defense and with you on Tony Parker?

“I think my length bothered him. Again I rely on my teammates a lot and they did a great job of helping me. We switched some of the pick and roll and I think that helped us.”


Did you ask to be on Parker or was that Scott Brook’s idea?

“That was Scott [Brooks]’s idea. But I think the whole time we were thinking about it and we made the adjustment tonight and it worked out good.”


Spurs Quotes

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. San Antonio Spurs



San Antonio Forward Stephen Jackson:


On tonight’s game:

“[The Thunder} did a lot of things tonight. We can say Sefolosha did this or that; he made shots that’s one thing, but they flat out beat us. They came out with more energy. They played better defense and knocked down shots. They just gave us an old fashion butt whipping.”


On the 20-game winning streak being snapped:

“We’re human. We had a good run, it’s just one loss. We have just got to get ready to play the next game.”


San Antonio Forward Tim Duncan


On the Thunder:
“They were excellent. They were great. They started out strong. I thought we kind of weathered that storm early on but they kept it on. They moved the ball well; defensively they were really solid, they used their length and it really affected what we were doing. We expected that kind of response from them in the third game and we didn’t respond really well to that. A lot of the guys didn’t play well. I didn’t play well. We put it behind us and look forward to the next game. We’ll try to watch some film tomorrow, reset, come back and have a better game four.”


On if the Spurs need to improve strategy or energy:
“A little bit of both. A little better focus, a little better attack. I think they really attacked us and got us on our heels. I don’t know if that’s X and O’s or energy or whatever, that’s just them playing better than we did.”


On his motivation is for Game 4:
“We’re in the Western Conference Finals, we don’t really need motivation. We are here and we are trying to get to four games. We hoped to win every game in a row in the playoffs but we didn’t, so here we go. Game 4 - we’re going to be ready and we’re going to bring it.”