STM Profile - Lanette Dunn and Marva Sides

“We were never NBA fans until the Thunder came to town and all that changed! We started watching the team on TV with Opening Night of the first season. Then in the second year, a friend won tickets at work, but couldn’t use them, so she gave them to me and my mom. After going to that game, we were hooked. THUNDER FEVER had set in!

We have experienced several highlights in our years of being Season Ticket Members. One was that we were able to be part of a commercial for the Thunder Cares program. We also were honored to attend Russell Westbrook’s press conference when he signed his latest contract. That experience was so neat, and we got to meet and visit a little with Coach Brooks. We felt so special!

We are at every single home game. The games are the highlight of our week. We look forward to spending time together with our Thunder family at each game. Since becoming Season Ticket Members, we have met and made some lifelong friends.

We love the Thunder because we have such a great group of guys on this team. They are all stand-up leaders and love not just their jobs, but this city as well. Having the Thunder here brings everyone together. We are no longer divided between crimson and orange; everyone is proud to wear BLUE.”