STM Profile - Billy Parks

“I never really was an NBA fan, until I found out that Oklahoma City had secured a professional. As I followed the talk about our new team through the news and radio, I began to find myself being drawn to this team more and more. I remember the day of the unveiling of the team colors and logo; I was so excited that this had come full-circle and we were really getting a pro sports franchise to call our own.

After the first 10 games of that first season, I was notified that some season tickets had come available and I jumped at the chance. I attended the first game with my family and we were hooked. We've been die-hard Thunder fans ever since.

My boys and I are usually the ones to make the trip from Broken Arrow to watch the Thunder play. We make the drive down the Turner Turnpike and have fun talking about different things, from where we want to eat before the game to who we think will score the first basket. (The answer is always KD!) We have logged many miles to see our beloved Thunder play!

I have been lucky enough to be able to go to an away game to watch the Thunder play. It was during the Playoffs in 2011, when we were playing the Memphis Grizzlies. It was a very last-minute decision. The night before Game 3, my buddy and I secured two tickets and got a hotel, but only after getting the approval of our wives. The next morning, we hit the road to watch the Thunder play. It was an amazing experience to see the Thunder in a different city and arena, and to be able to show our team pride.

Another memorable experience was getting to attend the premiere of KD's movie Thunderstruck in OKC. My son thought it was pretty cool to be watching a movie in the same theater as Kevin Durant.

We've had many great experiences and many memories with being Thunder Season Ticket Members. It has given me the opportunity to be able to spend countless hours with my children, doing something we all love. And for that I feel truly thankful and blessed that the Thunder has made it possible for me and my family to create so many wonderful memories!

It is an absolutely first-class organization, and is a team for the entire state to enjoy. This team is a reflection of the greatness that is our state. The leadership, the players and the fans make this the best team in the NBA!”