STM Profile - Billy Colcord

I have lived in the Oklahoma City area my entire life and have always been a huge sports fan. Before the NBA came to Oklahoma City, I traveled a few times a year to watch NBA games in different cities. When I found out OKC was getting an NBA team, I was very excited. I started out as a huge NBA fan who really enjoyed having a team in my home city. However, my involvement with and feelings toward Thunder Basketball have evolved in a big way. I very rarely miss a game; in fact the Thunder has become a central focus in many things that I do. My office is completely decked out with Thunder merchandise! I love everything about this team and believe it is a perfect fit for this city. From the concession-stand attendants in the arena to Kevin Durant, I think this organization is top-notch. It creates a sense of pride for this city. There is nothing better than wearing my Thunder blue around Bricktown on a game day.

I have been very lucky in my Season Ticket Member experience. I have had the opportunity to participate in many off-the-court functions, as well was events during the games. I will never forget sitting courtside when Kevin Durant hit a game-winning three! I also will never forget when a friend and I had the opportunity to participate in the MidFirst Bank half-court shot contest. I was so nervous! I didn’t make the $20,000 shot, but it was truly a great experience!

I’m hoping next season I will be able to travel to cities around the country to cheer on the Thunder for their away games. The Thunder is a perfect fit for me; getting involved with this organization was one of the best decisions I have made!