Blue Alliance Spotlight - Glenn King

How did you get started as a Blue Alliance Captain?

I got started as a Blue Alliance Captain when our previous captain told me she was moving and asked me if I would take over as captain. I told her I would love to do it and continue the great job that she did. I guess what helped me to realize I wanted to do it also was when she let me take the lead on our last watch party of the season last year.

What got you hooked on the Thunder?

I would say it went back to when Oklahoma City hosted the displaced Hornets for the two years they were here. When it was announced that we were getting our own team, I knew right then I was hooked and a big fan of the THUNDER!! The excitement that surrounds the whole organization and everyone involved, how could you not want to be a part of it!

How many members do you have in your Blue Alliance Chapter?

We currently have 212 members in the Mustang chapter (also known as the "Thunder's Mustang Maniacs"), and I'm happy to say we're receiving requests to join quite regularly.

What’s been your favorite moment as a Blue Alliance Captain?

It has only been a short time that I have been the captain, but I have to say the Mustang Western Days Parade that we did this past Labor Day weekend was by far my favorite. The group we have here is so active and we got things together by working together. The Thunder Drummers even participated. Western Days is such a big deal for this town, so to have the community be able to support the Thunder through us and with us always makes for favorite moments.

What’s your top goal for your chapter this season?

Community involvement. We have talked in our chapter about continuing to help in the community and be involved in Mustang and surrounding areas as much as we can. I would like people to know that we are not just a bunch of Thunder fans that get together and watch games or go to games, but a group that is an important part of the community. So anything our chapter can do to show people that, we are all for.

How many pieces of Thunder gear do you own?

Like many fans, I have so many Thunder T-shirts, it's hard to count. I also have several car flags and various other novelties. A couple of Thunder flags go with me when I travel for my job and a jersey. And my cubicle at work is covered with other various things collected by going to games. But as far as I am concerned you can never have too much Thunder stuff.

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