STM Profile - Dr. Eric Friedman

Dr. Eric Friedman has been a Season Ticket Member since the Thunder’s inaugural season. During the first season of Thunder Basketball Dr. Friedman bought a couple pairs of Kevin Durant shoes; since then, he has made a hobby out of collecting Thunder shoes. He currently has 40 Kevin Durant shoes, five Russell Westbrook shoes and one pair of Thunder shoes. His favorite pair is the KD IV (“Year of the Dragon” edition). He makes it a goal to wear as many different pairs of shoes as possible during games throughout the season.

Dr. Friedman is a neurosurgeon with the Neuroscience Specialists at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City, where he has been for nearly 20 years. He specializes in treating brain tumors and will often wear his KD shoes in the hospital and in the operating room. Dr. Friedman notes that he recently had an appointment with a patient who works at the Nike Outlet store and loved that he was wearing KD shoes. He now makes sure to wear a different pair every time he sees this patient to give that person a little something to look forward to and enjoy during each visit.