Thunder Runner

Ryan Doonkeen loves Thunder Basketball and he loves marathon running. When he ran the New York City Marathon last November, the 26-year-old Oklahoma City native found a way to combine both passions.

Ryan proudly wore a Jeff Green jersey for the entire four hours and eight seconds it took him to finish the 26.2-mile route.

“I wanted to let people know where I was from and who my team was,” he explained.

“Throughout the race, I got a ton of ‘Go Thunder!’ The one I remember the most was on First Avenue in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. A group of people on a balcony collectively yelled ‘Jeeeefff GREEEENNN!’

“I couldn't help but just smile and laugh. It was exciting to hear people cheer me on by cheering for the Thunder. It made the race really fun -- as fun as 26.2 miles can be.”

It’s not the first marathon in which Ryan, a Thunder Season Ticket Member, has demonstrated his team loyalty. In April 2010, he wore a Thunder jersey in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. At the time, the Thunder was facing the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Playoffs.

“I got a ton of people chanting ‘Beat L.A.’ as I ran by,” Ryan said. “It encouraged me to keep going.”

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