No Thunder Neutrality

Switzerland has a longstanding policy of neutrality during times of war, but evidently it doesn’t apply to battles on the basketball court. Switzerland native Silvia Moresi isn’t bashful about her allegiance to the Oklahoma City Thunder and her favorite player on the team, Thabo Sefolosha.

“Thabo is a hero for me,” she said. “He made it all the way from a small town in Switzerland to the NBA.”

As if there were any doubt about Silvia’s devotion, last fall she traveled from her hometown near Zurich to see four Thunder games in Oklahoma City. “I was pretty overwhelmed by the arena and the fans in Oklahoma City,” said Silvia, noting how it was a far cry from following the team online.

“It's much different to see a game live. You can't describe the atmosphere before a game starts with all the music, introduction of the players and everything else. Someone really has no idea how loud the audience can be.”

She said she was equally impressed by the activities outside the Oklahoma City Arena, with Thunder Alley offering a swath of attractions for families and children.

“It's amazing what the Thunder does for the young kids to get them interested and excited about basketball,” said Silvia. “This is all great stuff for everyone attending. I took a lot of photos with my camera.”

Still, the 48-year-old reserved particular praise for Sefolosha.

“I guess everyone who's familiar with basketball in Switzerland knows Thabo, but mostly in the French part,” she said.

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