Devon Community Heros 2013-14


The Devon Community Hero Award, presented by the Thunder, is designed to honor outstanding Oklahomans who are making a significant difference in their community through their personal contributions of time, talent and/or finances. The program strives to recognize a wide diversity of people, from well-known Oklahomans to everyday heroes, highlighting the unique contributions they've made.

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Oklahoma Strong

- The strength and spirit of Oklahomans was on display as the Thunder honored the state's resilience following May's tornadoes.

OKC Police Officers

- OKC Police officers who brought holiday joy and hope to an Oklahoma City family facing tough times.

Five Oklahoma veterans

- We paid tribute to all who serve or have served our nation. We were proud to recognize five Oklahoma veterans as our Devon Energy Community Heroes.

Six high school basketball players

- Headed to their homecoming game one night in January, they came upon a car that ran off the highway, flipped and was on fire, with two elderly passengers inside.

Deb Hanson

- Facing health challenges of cancer and lupus, she turned her own focus and spirit into battling the community problem of hungry children.