Devon Community Hero: 2009-10 Honorees


The Devon Community Hero Award, presented by the Thunder, is designed to honor outstanding Oklahomans who are making a significant difference in their community through their personal contributions of time, talent and/or finances. The program strives to recognize a wide diversity of people, from well-known Oklahomans to everyday heroes, highlighting the unique contributions they’ve made.

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2009-10 HONOREES

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2009-10 honorees included:

Sgt. Spencer Cluff

- Started the Kidz4Troops Program

Aaron Bullock

- 4-Wheeler accident survivor who is now an inspiration to kids.

Johnathan Crider

- Worked to provide backpacks full of food to children at school on Friday afternoons, who may have otherwise not eaten on the weekend.

Belinda Lechtenberg

- While in Haiti assisting earthquake vicitms, she made it her mission to find the 2 children she and her husband were adopting.

J. Marcum

- Helps children in need.

William Diers

- set a life goal of raising one-million dollars for the Children’s Hospital Foundation,