Lamb Teaches Campers about the NBA

It was an almost imperceptible moment, but one that immediately resonated with Jeremy Lamb.

As he strolled into the gymnasium at the Santa Fe Family Life Center in Oklahoma City to drop in on a Thunder Youth Basketball Camp on Thursday afternoon, Lamb noticed one youngster immediately. The camper, who was playing in a five-on-five game in the midst of camp, completely stopped what he was doing and looked at Lamb.

After helping the 6-16 year olds through drills, holding a question-and-answer session and signing autographs, Lamb disclosed that the awestruck feeling the young camper had was one that the second-year Thunder guard and his friends had growing up as well. Lamb attended camps much like the one on Thursday when he was a kid, and was nostalgic seeing the kids play hard, interact and have fun much like he did as a youth.

“I went to camps like this,” Lamb said. “We were just running around, working hard and trying to hit shots and do a lot of stuff. It was good to see those guys do exactly what I was doing.”

When he wasn’t participating in a “dribble knockout” contest with the six-to-seven year olds or taking in the six-on-six, full-court basketball being played by the eight-to-11-year-olds, Lamb was in the ear of a few kids in the 12-to-16-year-old group. One camper sought inside about how hard it is to make it in the NBA. Lamb responded that it’s because of how hard players work that the competition to make the NBA is so high.

During the question-and-answer session, Lamb was peppered with all types of questions, from what he wanted to work on this summer to his childhood to how he ended up with the Thunder. One camper asked how he chose to play for the Thunder, which resulted in a fun dynamic as Lamb explained the NBA Draft process and how trades work to the quizzical youngster.

“It was good to be able to answer a question like that, but it was funny to see his facial expression,” Lamb said with a laugh.

Most of all, Lamb used his time with the campers both individually and in the group to help them advance in their journey to becoming positive, productive people and players. Regardless of whether they become basketball players, Lamb tried to give the children insight into life in the NBA but also what it takes to set goals and accomplish them.

“Just to work hard,” Lamb said. “Hard work is the biggest thing, to me. That’s what I told them. That was the message I wanted to get across to them.”

These Thunder Youth Basketball Camps will be held throughout the summer at various locations throughout the Oklahoma City metro. Not only does it give the Thunder organization a chance to give back to the basketball community and help the future generations learn the game of basketball, it also gives players like Lamb a chance to make someone’s day. For all of the support the Thunder receives throughout the Oklahoma City community, Lamb and his teammates always try to give back any way that they can.

“I got to see a lot of kids working hard and smiling,” Lamb said. “They were very excited… Just for me to be able to put a smile on their face, that’s a great feeling to have.”