Clara Luper: November 28, 2008

Born in 1923 in Hoffman, Okla., Clara Luper is a legendary figure in Civil Rights activism. She made history in 1958 as the leader of the nationís first highly publicized ďsit-inĒ at Katz drugstore in Oklahoma City, an effort that eventually opened eating establishments citywide to African Americans. Luper went on to lead the fight to integrate Oklahoma City Public Schools, and also led Tulsaís first Freedom March to integrate public accommodations. Thanks to Luperís efforts, Oklahoma City passed anti-discrimination legislation in 1958, well in advance of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

An educator and author, Luper holds a Bachelor of Arts from Langston University, and a Master of Arts from the University of Oklahoma. To date, she has received nearly 600 academic and community service awards, including both national and regional honors, and has even a highway named for her. Luper was inducted into the 80th class of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2007.

In honor of Luperís passion for education, Devon Energy proudly supports the Clara Luper Scholarship Fund at Oklahoma City University.

You can learn more about Clara Luper by visiting the Oklahoma City History Centerís Kerr-McGee Gallery, where much of her activism is documented.


Oklahoma Civil Rights activist/pioneer Clara Luper.