Devon Community Hero - Oklahoma City Police officers

Oklahoma City Police officers
December 31, 2013

For the December Devon Energy Community Hero, presented by the Thunder, the recipients are Oklahoma City Police officers who brought holiday joy and hope to an Oklahoma City family facing tough times.

Every Christmas, officers from the Springlake Division look for a family to adopt for the Holiday season. This year, they took it beyond just Christmas presents.

The officers noticed Samantha Webb always pushing two strollers and walking her two other young children through the northeast side neighborhood. They found out from her that the family had fallen on hard times. They moved to Oklahoma City for a job, but it fell through. They were living in a rental house in total disrepair: rotting walls, faulty plumbing, no refrigerator, no stove, only a space heater in one room. There would be no Christmas for this family, until these police officers stepped in to help.

They moved Chance Jordan, Samantha Webb and their four kids into a new, vastly-improved rental house belonging to the father of one of the officers, bought them new appliances, furniture and mattresses. They even are collecting funds to help them pay rent.

After moving the family to the new home, the officers threw a party at the police station days before Christmas, offering a batch of toys and gifts.. Even more gifts were delivered to the house, allowing the family to have a real Christmas morning in their warm home.

The greatest gift? Chance and Samantha and their kids now have pride in their home and hope for their future, thanks to the men and women of the OCPD Springlake Division.