Devon Community Hero - Six high school basketball players

Six high school basketball players
February 26, 2014

The February Devon Energy Community Heroes, presented by the Thunder were six high school basketball players from the small rural Muskogee County town of Oktaha who faced a challenge bigger than any game.

Headed to their homecoming game one night in January, they came upon a car that ran off the highway, flipped and was on fire, with two elderly passengers inside. The boys knew what they had to do. Acting quickly, they used dirt and clothes to put out the fire and then ripped the car doors open to rescue the couple and bring them to safety.

The boys then headed to homecoming where they won the game and received a standing ovation from the crowd for their for bravery.

Levi Hill, Bryce Ayers, Kirk Washington, Logan Gragg, Brandon Nicholson, and Zach Evans.