Courtside Countdown

The NBA's top 10 plays of the week -- the "Courtside Countdown" -- can be seen worldwide each week on NBA Action (check your local listings).

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Countdown Week 26
Rookie Countdown:
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10. Jamaal Tinsley hits Jeff Foster with a behind-the-back pass in the lane.
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9. Andrei Kirilenko swipes the ball from Jerry Stackhouse and takes it the other way for the dunk and the foul.
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8. Jamaal Tinsley takes the dribble behind his back then makes the no-look dish to Austin Croshere for the slam.
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7. Jason Richardson drives under the basket and spikes one on Defensive Player of the Year Ben Wallace.
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6. Andrei Kirilenko drives baseline and throws the hammer down over the Clippers.
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5. Richard Jefferson finishes a New Jersey fast break with a windmill slam.
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4. Jason Richardson gets an alley-oop from Larry Hughes and spins for the reverse jam.
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3. It's Jason Richardson again, following a teammate's miss with the left-hand tomahawk.
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2. It's J-Rich once more, this time following a missed layup with a reverse dunk.
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1. "Que pasa, Big Ticket!" Pau Gasol takes on three Timberwolves -- including Kevin Garnett -- finishing with authority.
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