Courtside Countdown

The NBA's top 10 plays of the week -- the "Courtside Countdown" -- can be seen worldwide each week on NBA Action (check your local listings).

Countdown Week 1
Week One's Full Countdown
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10: Jason Kidd lobs up the halfcourt alley-oop pass to Kenyon Martin who converts with ease.
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9: Jumaine Jones somehow gets the bank shot to go with a defender in his face.
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8: Jamaal Tinsley comes down off the break and drops a sweet pass to Austin Croshere who slams it home without hesitation.
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7: The Pistons Jerry Stackhouse busts some moves and gets a "Big finish" with the strong dunk.
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6: Shaq puts up the floating alley-oop pass to Kobe Bryant who finishes with a jaw-dropping reverse dunk.
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5: Corey Maggette with the momentum stopper as he swats the ball out of the arena.
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4: Tracy McGrady explodes to the hoop and gives the Raptors a T-Mac attack.
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3: Kobe Bryant gets a steal and slams home a powerful windmill dunk worthy of any highlight reel.
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2: Vin-sanity does it again! Carter drives the baseline and kills the rim with an eye-popping one-handed reverse slam.
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1: Steve Kerr comes down court and beats the buzzer with an amazing desperation underhand heave.
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