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Robert D. Jacobson
President and Chief Executive Officer > iN DEMAND Networks

Widely respected, forward thinking and innovative, Robert D. Jacobson has been a galvanizing force for iN DEMAND Networks. As president and chief executive officer, Jacobson has successfully transitioned this traditional provider of pay-per-view (PPV) content into a cutting edge entertainment company that is now the nationís top provider of PPV, video-on-demand (VOD), subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) and hi-definition programming.

iN DEMAND provides more than 90 percent of the cable industryís PPV and VOD product. The companyís products are distributed to all major multiple system operators (MSO) in the United States and Canada, representing receipts of more than $1 billion. iN DEMAND also develops program packages from all the major film studios, independent producers, professional sports leagues, and the top boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) promoters. It delivers an array of PPV sports events, specials and concerts every year, and it provides technology and satellite transport services for other programmers.

In addition, iN DEMAND owns and runs the full-time linear hi-definition channel INHD, set to become the MOJO network later this year. MOJO is the first distinctive high-definition television brand developed specifically for the affluent male audience. The company has also had a big impact on the SVOD category, conceiving of and producing Howard Sternís SVOD package, Howard TV.