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Robbie Bach
President, Entertainment & Devices Division > Microsoft Corporation

Robbie Bach is president of the entertainment and devices division at Microsoft Corporation. Bach leads a global division that comprises four main businesses: entertainment, which is charged with bringing new focus to Microsoft’s digital entertainment efforts in music, TV and video; interactive entertainment, which includes Xbox and games for Windows; consumer productivity experiences, which includes peripherals, the Macintosh unit, and consumer productivity applications (such as Encarta, Money and Digital Image Suite); and the mobile and embedded unit, which develops, markets and drives sales of Windows Mobile-based devices from a variety of original equipment manufacturers through operators and focuses on the embedded market for Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded and the Automotive Business Unit..

In addition to these businesses, Bach’s responsibilities include leading innovation on the Xbox platform, defining a vision and product road map in the digital entertainment space, owning retail relationships for Microsoft, selling all Microsoft products to the media and entertainment and service provider businesses, and owning media and entertainment partner management for the company.

In his 18 years at Microsoft, Bach has been responsible for everything from small-business marketing and original equipment manufacturers’ programs to major product launches and marketing for Microsoft’s family of productivity applications (Office, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, FrontPage, and Works). During the 1990s, Bach served as vice president of the learning, entertainment and productivity division, which developed and marketed home productivity, education, reference and games software.

Before joining Microsoft, Bach was a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from North Carolina, and his master’s degree in business administration from Stanford. Bach sits on the board of governors for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and is the chairman of the Entertainment Software Association.