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We recently caught up with Shane Battier to talk technology. Check out Shane's thoughts and how technology plays a key role in his life.

1. How do you think technology has changed the NBA player experience?

Shane Battier: Technology is changing our game every single day. It helps me the most when preparing for an opponent. I can go on the Internet and I can download in real-time all of Kobe Bryantís right-handed drives, and I can download all of LeBron Jamesí post moves when heís on the left block. The way that you prepare for games in terms of scouting is so much more thorough with advances in technology. I read an 80-page scouting report of each team before we play, and it will tell me Ďdoes Kyle Korver like to shoot from the hash mark? Does he like to shoot from the corner?í It gives me what percentages he is from each spot on the floor and it tailors my game plan to the numbers. That is something you couldnít do even five years ago, so itís an exciting time to be in the NBA in terms of technological advancement.

2. How has technology personally affected your life outside of stats and scouting

Shane Battier: I play videogames. Iím a big surfer on the net. I blog with my Chinese shoe company Peak at And the internet provides information at your fingertips. Every night before I go to bed I check the scores on We [the players] are fans too, just like everybody else, and even though I donít play fantasy basketball, I play fantasy football and fantasy baseball now and then, and so itís about information. It is exciting to have all that information at your fingertips.

3. What type of technology do you use on an everyday basis??

Shane Battier: Iím a big emailer. I have my blackberry that has become a part of me. When I forget it at home Ė you can ask my wife Ė I start to break out in a sweat. I canít communicate with my friends, I canít text my buddy Mike Dunleavy who plays for the Indiana Pacers, who I text almost every day. I text Mike Miller Ė who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies Ė every day. It is a good way to keep in touch with all your buddies when youíre on the road.

Iím a big internet junkie. Iím on the computer constantly. My wife is yelling at me to stay off the computer. I play video games now and then. And Iím a kind of ďgadget junkie;Ē anything thatís new and fun I have to play with and get my hands on it. I actually write a tech review in Hoop Magazine. Iím the new Tech Editor, so with any new products out there Iím trying to get the pulse of it.

4. What video games are you playing right now? We hear you are a big video game player.

Shane Battier: Iím old school, so I like old school Nintendo, but of the current generation Iím a PlayStation 3ģ man myself. And I just got done with a game called Assassinís Creed (Ubisoftô). Iím also a big football fan so I play college football games a lot. I play Madden (EA Sportsô). I donít really like to play the first-person shooter games because if you donít play those games in a while, you come up against some 10-year old online and heís dedicated his life to these games, and you get smoked. You canít even play the game for five seconds so itís no fun. So I gave up those games a long time ago since I donít have the time to them like other kids do. So I like sports games, but I donít play NBA games. I never feel that the basketball games, they never capture who I am (jokingly); they never capture the spirit of who I am as a player. Iím not just some pixel running around. I have character. I have a soul (smiling) and thatís what makes me a good basketball player and it doesnít translate to video games.

5. What is the one piece of technology that you couldnít live without?

Shane Battier: Thatís a tough one. I would probably say my blackberry. To lose the ability to communicate with all my friends on a daily basis and stay in the loop would be tough. I donít know how I lived without texting and instant messaging before I had it.

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