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We recently caught up with Yao Ming to talk technology. Check out Yao's thoughts and how technology plays a key role in his life.

1. What technological equipment and/or services do you use most today, professionally and personally?

Yao Ming: I use my computer and cell phone for everything, both professionally and personally. I use the computer to stay on top of what is happening in China, as well as to stay in touch with family and friends through email and IM.

2. What single technological product / service do you feel has had the greatest impact on every day life in the last 10 years and why? Cell phone? Email? World Wide Web? Blackberry?

Yao Ming: I would say the computer. In the beginning computers were only used to help people improve their work but now people are using them in all aspects of their lives. Without the computer there would be no I-pods or even Cisco, right?

3. Are there devices or services that you or your teammates / coaches /scouts use for the Rockets that you wish were available in your personal life?

Yao Ming: No.

4. How often do you speak with friends and family in China when you are in the U.S.? How do you communicate with them?

Yao Ming: I speak to my friends in China on the phone every few days. I speak to my family about once a week on the phone as well but my family is here in the U.S.

5. You recently used Ciscoís TelePresence technology to participate in some interviews with media. Do you feel that TelePresence would be something useful for people in their personal lives?

Yao Ming: I think that Ciscoís TelePresence technology is good for meetings. I think it would be useful for people in their personal lives that work in foreign countries to communicate with their families. I still believe that face to face is always better, but this is the next best thing.

6. Between, wireless updates, fantasy basketball, video-on-demand, high-def TV, what technology do you think NBA fans value the most and why?

Yao Ming: I think you would have to ask the fans that question. I think I would have to say because it allows fans to learn more about their favorite teams and players. Anything that they would want to find, pictures, videos, stats, etc. is on

7. What technology (ies) do you foresee most influencing fansí consumption of basketball in the future (e.g., HD, Internet, video-on-demand)?

Yao Ming: I donít think anything can beat the experience of being inside the arena but HD does a good job of making fans feel like they are close to the action.

8. Is there a technological advancement that could be put into arenas that you think would very much improve the experience of fans in the arenas?

Yao Ming: I think that it would be nice to put a small TV on the backseat of every chair in the arena. This way fans could choose what angle they wanted to view. They would have the ability to see up close if they were sitting far away. If they were seated on the west side they could see the view from the east side. I think that would be nice.

9. If you didnít play professional basketball, what type of business do you think you would be in?

Yao Ming: I would like to travel the world and see different cultures and different countries. There are still a lot of countries I have never been to. Watching them from TV is just not enough.

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