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2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Rachel

Rachel talks about her second year on the squad and reveals who would play her in a movie.

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Candice

Second year dancer and Chicago native Candice discusses her burgeoning voice-over career.

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Angelea

Chicago native and rookie Luvabull Angelea talks about performing in front of thousands of fans, her recent graduation from UIC and dancing...

Luvabulls photo shoot

Members of the 2013-14 Luvabulls take you behind the scenes at their photo shoot with celebrity photographer Derek Blanks and discuss what’...

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Cristina

Sixth-year vet Cristina discusses the excitement of being named Captain and debuting the new-look Luvabulls at Studio Paris in Chicago

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Ariana

Rookie Luvabull Ariana talks about the excitement of the season, and dancing with Beyonce during Oprah's last show in Chicago.

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Bethany

Rookie Luvabull Bethany talks about travels to China while dancing for the Indiana Pacers and her ambition to teach dance to kids.

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Kari-Lynn

Second year Luvabull Kari-Lynn talks about the excitement of dancing in front of 22,000 of the best fans in the world.

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Ellis

Third year dancer Ellis talks about the energy of this season, growing up with older brothers, and... an "oops"

2013-14 Luvabulls auditions: Debut Performance

Meet each of the 20 dancers on the 2013-14 Luvabulls.

2013-14 Luvabulls auditions: Day 3

In this final episode, the veterans and contenders compete in their final challenge, Boot Camp, to make the 2013-14 team.

2013-14 Luvabulls auditions: Day 2

Making the team is not guaranteed every season. On day two, the veteran Luvabulls compete against new dancers for a spot on the 2013-14...