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By Darren Misener

Biedrins would rather shake the earth by jamming the rock.
Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE/Getty Images
So you come to America from Latvia and you're thrown into the limelight that is the NBA -- there will be some adjustments. But when Warriors center Andris Biedrins stepped to the charity stripe in a game last week something happened that he might not have taking into consideration when making the trip overseas: A moderate 5.6 Earthquake rocked the San Jose area and rumblings could be felt in Oakland. How does the ground moving affect a professional doing his job?

"You know Iíve been working on my free throws all summer. I think I made them by myself. I think maybe on the first one it was kind of shaky, but still went in, so maybe the earthquake helped me a LITTLE bit," Biedrins quipped in his latest blog entry on Warriors.com.

Biedrins has never experienced an earthquake before, but he thinks he knows the proper action when one occurs, something you can only learn from Hollywood.

"I have one idea of what you are to do during an earthquake. You have to go between, like where you would go in where the door is, and hold there. Donít stand in an empty room or whatever because the roof might collapse, so just stand somewhere in the doorsÖsomething like that. I saw it in a movie."

The ground shifting isn't the only thing the Latvian is adjusting too, watching everyone dress up for Halloween was a different experience from home. Of course, his idea of a good costume is dressing up like himself, with a jersey on, so perhaps he needs a little more schooling in the art of creative costuming (I'd dress up as an NBA.com editor, but trust me that's far too scary for anyone who's never been in a newsroom).

Biedrins' teammate Stephen Jackson knows that Halloween is all about the kids. The Warriors guard donned a mask and treated 50 area kids to some trick-or-treating at his house on Halloween night.

Back to Work
For the first time this season, Lamar Odom stepped into a full-contact basketball situation on Monday. Odom and the Lakers hope he'll be cleared to play and back in games by Friday.

Rings a Bell
The Spurs gave out the Championship rings on opening night, check out the look and facts about the new jewelry. Getting another ring in the future is also looking better for San Antonio now that they've inked Tim Duncan to a contract extension.

Deserving Honor
On Sunday, Phoenix paid tribute to Suns legend Jerry Colangelo by putting him in their Ring of Honor. Before Colangelo received the honor, he visited Suns.com for a live chat with fans.

Yo, Adrian
How do you prepare to rumble for an NFL record 296 yards in a single game? Well you take in the Wolves home opener of course. Timberwolves.com's Mike Trudell caught up with the Vikings' Adrian Peterson on Friday.

Board to Death
With a big man who took the MVP award last year, the Mavericks usually aren't out rebounded in a single game. But in back-to-back games? They're certainly not used to that.

There Was This One Time...
Kings.com asked their players about their most embarrassing moments. Letís just say Mike Bibby in short shorts is an interesting visual.

It's Who You Know
Lots of people were first introduced to Paul Millsap in Utah's impressive playoff run last season. Now UtahJazz.com brings you closer to their 6-8 forward .

Runtime 104.3
The Sonics wanted to an uptempo team this season, and in their first three games they're coming through. Seattle is averaging 104.3 possessions per game so far, good for most in the league.

Keep Your Balance
The Rockets are rolling, starting the season as one of the hottest teams in the league. For the past couple seasons they've had the defensive chops, but now Houston has started rolling on the other side of the court.

The Price is Right
When looking for someone to help your team with its free throw touch, going to the guy who holds the NBA record for highest career free throw percentage in both the regular season (.904) and postseason (.944) is probably a good idea.