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Jim Reilly

CP3 4 MVP?
Hornets point guard Chris Paul prefers to let his play do his talking, so you haven't heard much from the speedy young superstar regarding a certain hotly disputed end of season award. New Orleans teammate Tyson Chandler, however, has strong opinions on the matter. "Chris doesn't talk about the MVP at all. I think we talk about it more for him than he speaks on it," blogs Chandler. "I honestly haven't heard him say one thing about the MVP since all this has been going on. But I've been saying a lot and a lot of other players have been saying a lot, because he's our guy and we feel like he's proven himself to be the MVP."

To his credit, Chandler provides more substance than the obligatory "he's our guy" argument. "Now, if you asked me who's the best player in the league, I'd go with Kobe Bryant or LeBron James," says Chandler, possibly considering the fact that both Kobe and LeBron will be looking the score on the former Bull and current defensive post-presence for the Hornets. "But, to me, it's not about the best player. Most Valuable Player is about who's the most valuable to their team. And I think he's proven that he makes everybody around him better. I think that's why he should be the MVP, and I think that's why Steve Nash was the MVP twice."

Paul, for his part, talks about bowling and what he feels is the secret to his spectacular rise to prominance in the NBA. "You just have to be aggressive," says Paul. "Thatís one thing that has always been the case in basketball -- the person who is the most aggressive almost always wins. Thatís the way itís always been for me. And thatís the way our team approaches every game, no matter who weíre playing against."

Sounds like an MVP-winning philosophy to me.

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