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Martin C. Sumners

Maverick Moves
Sports are riddled with curses but there are few associated with the NBA although the 1986 NBA Draft had more than its fair share of tragedy and busts. However, maybe the Sports Illustrated cover jinx has brought its hex to the NBA. Many though who follow the NBA as does the SI article saw the inherent risks in the trade and anticipated possible negatives. But rationale thought never stopped a good sports curse debate and the Mavs are just 4-4 since the trade.

Interestingly, the re-acquisition of Kidd who was drafted by the Mavs in 1994 also brings together three members (Kidd, Juwan Howard and Eddie Jones) all selected in the top ten of that draft class.

The other debate surrounding the Kidd trade was that it was prompted by the recent slew of Western Conference power moves. Head Coach Avery Johnson, however, downplayed that notion.

The Mavs though are rebuilding on the run. The team added a big that they lost in DeSagna Diop in the Kidd trade with signing Jamaal Magloire. In addition, the Mavs picked-up Tyronn Lue to back-up Kidd at the point guard.

Changing of the Guards
A few days after the Clippers release Sam Cassell, the team signs Andre Barrett, which makes the sixth team for Barrret in a short three years.

Back to the Grind
16-year vet and the elder statesmen in the league, Dikembe Mutombo, braces for the role of becoming the starting center for the Rockets after Yao's season-ending foot injury.

Port Arthur's Prodigal Son
Port Arthur, Texas, home to NFL coach Jimmy Johnson, music legend Janis Joplin, one of the greatest female athletes, "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias and DJ Premier, has another native son in Stephen Jackson, who sponsored an essay contest for Port Arthur third graders.

Sonic Flash
The new flash driven site for the Sonics recently launched.

New Spurs by the Numbers
Kurt Thomas and Damon Stoudamire, the two newest additions to the Spurs' roster have accomplished many things their respective careers, and breaks down some of their more impressive accomplishments.

The Closer
A Jazzbot blog post declares that Kyle Korver has earned the nickname of The Closer.

Taylor Owned
In the first of many scheduled to come, "Let's Build It" interviews, Wolves owner Glen Taylor sat down with broadcaster Tom Hanneman to speak about the state of the team.

No Ides of March
The Lakers after a road-laden February schedule look to have more home cooking and a less stressful March schedule.

Hubie Analyzes goes 1-on-1 with ESPN Analyst Hubie Brown.

Vengeance is Golden
Mike Barrett blogs on how the Golden State Warriors exacted revenge with a recent win over the Blazers.