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Darren Misener

A Different All-Star Story
This past weekend’s festivities in New Orleans showcased and celebrated the NBA's top stars at the top of their games. But one player didn't make it to the Big Easy despite being elected to his All-Star game, and he couldn't be happier about it.

C.J. Watson was selected as an All-Star for the D-League’s Rio Grande Valley Vipers, but after the Warriors called on Watson to help with their depth in January, he skipped the D-League’s showcase to work on his active roll in the big league. Watson was "the Man" in Rio Grande Valley, but now, as reports, Watson finds himself playing sparse minutes in Coach Nelson’s short rotation. He’s sat out three of the last four games, but he’s not complaining in the least, the D-League callup is taking it all in stride.

“It’s difficult, but really you just have to find your role on the team. If the team needs me to score, then I’ll go out and score," Watson said. "But here they just need me to play good, solid defense and make the open shots when I have them and control the team while I’m in there.”

Watson is proving to be smart both on and off the court. Many rookies make the mistake of not talking to their teammates and taking their advice and expertise about off-the-court experiences into account. But not only did his teammates show him around, telling him where to eat and where not to eat, but they also reminded him of some important details that could easily be lost in the shuffle of having one’s life turned upside down.

“They just told me to be the first one on the bus, the first one at practice, just the little things to let them know you’re serious and that you want to stay here,” Watson said. “When you’re on the 10-day (contract) and you know your last day is coming, you don’t want to mess up or do anything that gets you sent back to the D-League. You just try to stay up, be positive and do everything perfect.”

Watson has now been signed for the full season, cementing his position in the NBA. Perhaps in a couple years that other All-Star game will be calling.

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