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Jim Reilly

Eclipsing the Ordinary
On the court, the Phoenix Suns are all about acceleration: moving the ball forward as fast as possible so Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, Amare Stoudemire and Company can rise above ordinary, conventional tactics to drive ahead and attack and create in pursuit of victory. Off the court, Phoenix is embracing the same far-reaching, aggressive philosophy with SunsLockerRoom.com, the latest cutting-edge Internet innovation featured on Suns.com.

The virtual tour of the Suns locker room wastes no time, presenting visitors with a quickfire introduction via a dozing security guard, cleverly played by team mascot The Gorilla. From there, let your mouse run free, clicking through to a nice assist from President of Basketball Operations/GM Steve Kerr discovering an old pair of his short-shorts, and a slam dunk punchline from Nash regarding a certain 7-foot buddy/ex-teammate, allegedly from Germany.

In between, you'll find obligatory product placements interspersed with a sharp interactive game calendar and links to nifty player info and photo galleries. Paired with social network Planet Orange, Suns.com can easily transition to an All-Star caliber two-man game with SunsLockerRoom.com.

Good News and Not So Good News
Lakers.com has a nice feature on budding star Andrew Bynum, who unfortunately will be sidelined for awhile due to a recent knee injury.

Just What the Doctor Ordered
On Clippers.com Chris Kaman champions a new medical therapy he says is helping the L.A. center post career-high numbers this season.

Manu's Fire
20-Second Timeout with Bill Schoening on Spurs.com checks in with electrifying swingman Manu Ginobili.

Road Warriors?
Play-by-Play Man Mike Barrett blogs about Portland's victory at New Jersey, the first of a seven-game road swing which could prove how good these young Blazers really are.

Where Dallas Happens
Mavs.com highlights the great things happening down in Big D.

Hubie's Got Game
Veteran analyst and former NBA coach Hubie Brown goes one-on-one with Hornets.com

Melo and Marlo
Baltimore native Carmelo Anthony discusses gritty HBO drama The Wire on Nuggets.com

The D-League Shuffle
Utah's Morris Almond examines the challenge of moving up and down from the D-League to the NBA.

More D, From CJ
Warriors.com chronicles the historic signing of C.J. Watson from the D-League to Golden State, the 100th call-up since Nov. 2001.

Pocket Rocket
Radio host Craig Ackerman blogs about Aaron Brooks, the energetic point guard reviving memories of Scott Brooks and Calvin Murphy.

It's Good to See the Kings
Kings.com was there when Sacramento opened a practice to the public this weekend.

No Pain, Big Gain?
Timberwolves.com reports that recuperating guard Randy Foye is feeling no pain as his return to the court progresses.

Let's Go to the Videotape!
Grizzlies.com unveils some terrific new video.

Seattle Too!
Sonics.com also posts some great video of game night at KeyArena.