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Darren Misener

A Little More Conversation AND Action
For two NBA stars, just talking about the suffering in Darfur and throughout Africa isn't enough.

Before Tuesday's game against the Washington Wizards, the Rockets' Dikembe Mutombo and Tracy McGrady had an important meeting in the nation's capital. Houston's swingman and big man met with Jeffrey Krilla, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Rights, Democracy and Labor, and James Viray, Director for International Labor and Corporate Social Responsibility to discuss their humanitarian efforts in Africa. Their message was clear.

"Stop the war in the Congo and stop the suffering in Darfur," Mutombo, who has worked overtime to try and bring attention to the situation in his home country, said. "I wrote a letter to the President. I wrote a letter to all the members of Congress last week. I wrote a letter to key members of the government. Hopefully, something will happen very soon."

He has also set up the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital and Research Center in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. But Mutombo isn't alone in trying to shift some help and focus to Africa. McGrady spent four days in Darfur this summer and it opened his eyes to the realities of the situation. As Rockets.com's Damien Pierce reports, last week before an assembly of high school students at his alma mater, T-Mac announced his participation in the "Stand Up for Darfur" humanitarian project and launched a campaign to improve education for Sudanese refugees.

"It sounds devastating," McGrady told about 400 students at the assembly. "But to actually hear it and see it and listen to some of the stories was definitely an eye opener and a humbling experience. My goal is to build 12 schools over there. I'm getting 11 other NBA players to help me with this. But you guys are the first to know about this. I want to challenge you guys to come up with some ways to help these kids get an education and better themselves. They want books and they want to be educated. It's up to us to really help these guys out. "

To Mutombo and McGrady, using their star to shine a light on the war-torn portions of Africa, is more than just talking.

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