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Darren Misener

Not Just Playing Canasta
Not everyone can be employed by the NBA deep into their 50s or 60s (Of course I hope to be writing this blog at least that long). Players have a very limited shelf life compared to most other professions. So what do players do after basketball?

Kings.com's Jonathan Santiago examined that question in an in-depth feature on what players have planned for retirement. The first thing considered under these circumstances is finances. I've had my 401K going at the NBA since day 1, and that's exactly what the league preaches to it's players as well (though that veteran minimum for players does not extend to editors).

“The main thing they teach you about is finances because that’s the key issue,” said Kings rookie Spencer Hawes about the NBA's Rookie Transition Program. “A lack of financial knowledge can cause guys a lot of problems.”

After your finances are in order, you have to figure out what to do with yourself at still a relatively young age. Sacramento's coach Reggie Theus transitioned into the entertainment industry before coming back to the game.

“I started studying acting about five years prior to my retirement,” said Theus. “That actually helped me with (my career in broadcasting). Learning how to work the camera, learning how to deal with the camera, learning how to be yourself; all of that really helped me with commentating. Because once I got in front of the camera, I was really comfortable.”

Each player has a different plan, but they all know one thing: Plan early as retirement for the average player doesn't involve early bird specials and hiked up pants in sunny Florida.

Not a Center of Your Attention
The early results for 2008 All-Star balloting are in and Clippers fans haven't quite gotten Chris Kaman as high in the rankings among Western Centers as his numbers say he should be.

I Just Mentioned Him
Spurs.com's Jeff Brody rolls out his list of 10 good players you've never heard of, the aforementioned Kaman comes in No. 1.

Rooting For Offense
Whether he's on your fantasy team or not, the Nuggets' Anthony Carter is giving you a great reason to root for him to fill up the boxscore.

In the Clutch
Rockets mascot Clutch is in the holiday spirit, or so he claims in his latest blog entry.

'Tis the Season
The Warriors are also in the holiday spirit during their "season of giving." Matt Barnes went on a shopping spree and Austin Croshere threw a Holiday Party

German Precision
How do you say Dallas in German? Well, actually it's just: Dallas. But you can read the rest of the Mavericks game recaps auf Deutsch.

Getting the Recall
Utah recalled center Kyrylo Fesenko from their D-League team, the Flash. The 20-year-old native of the Ukraine has appeared in one game for the Jazz, scoring six points and grabbing seven rebounds

Lucky Man
Timberwolves.com's Mike Trudell got to sit down with Wolves dancer Brittney. All I get to do is link to his profile of her.

Stranger than...
Hornets.com's Jim Eichenhofer turns the tables on ESPN's Chris Palmer and subjects him to some Fact or Fiction.

Lag-ging on
It's the same advice Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and the rest of the Lakers get. This week Lakers trainer Gary Vitti advises on how to lessen jet lag.