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By Darren Misener

Bigger, Faster, Stronger
I've been kicking around NBA.com since the 2000-2001 season. I know, I know, I'm old (so old that I actually get Whitesnake references unlike some of the younger members of our editorial staff). In these past seven plus seasons, I've run many mailboxes and I've moderated many chats. What question is among the most prevalent that I've encountered from fans? Hey (NBA player), what's your workout like? How do I get in shape like you? What do I need to work on to get my chance at The League?

Well never fear readers, Stefan Swiat (himself an NBA.com veteran) at Suns.com took back-to-back MVP Steve Nash and looked at his regimen in an in-depth article.

You've seen Nash take those off-balance runners and create slashing penetration in the lane. His moves and game rely on flexibility and quickness. To achieve this Nash began to work with physiotherapist Rick Celebrini, a former Canadian national and professional soccer player.

"We changed the way he ran and especially the way he changed direction,” Celebrini said. “We both recognized that there were ways in which he moved that were a direct result of his weaknesses and past injuries. We had to break down those movements and slowly recreate them through repetition. By correcting movement dysfunctions, we are able to prevent injury, optimize the bio-mechanical efficiency of the body and bring about performance enhancement.”

Nash might not be the fastest guard in the league and he's not the tallest, but he has found ways to use his workout regiment to maximize what he can do.

"I’m not very explosive,” Nash said. “I’m not going to beat too many people in a race, jump over or out-muscle anyone. Instead, I try to use my coordination, balance and momentum to my advantage.”

Maybe he's not explosive, but he's a two-time league MVP, and any fan looking for what kind of workouts the pros go through, could do a lot worse than the Suns All-Star guard.

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