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Jim Reilly

Big Three, Plus One
MVP candidate and charter member of Boston's newest "Big Three" Kevin Garnett credits the largely under-the-radar growth of second-year man Rajon Rondo with pointing the Celtics in the right direction for their first-round matchup with the Atlanta Hawks. "I think [in the] second half of the season [Rondo] has been a lot more accepting of his role, a lot more of a general and in a sense more of a leader, leading by example," said KG on "I don't know what it is that clicked, but he has been playing tremendous. We are as good as our point guard and our leader and right now that's the role he has taken."

With 15 points, nine assists, six rebounds and two steals in his first postseason game, Rondo looked like a veteran of NBA playoff action. "I was pretty comfortable. I didn't really get nervous," said Rondo. "I tried to approach it like a regular season [game] but I knew the intensity would be a lot higher."

Even Rondo's backup Sam Cassell, no stranger himself to playoff excellence, was impressed with his young teammate. "He did what we needed him to do," said Cassell. "He led us, he scored when he had to score, he passed when he had to pass and he defended when he had to defend."

Hawks Coach Mike Woodson, understandably concentrating on stopping KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, acknowledged Rondo's ability to make plays after Game One. "As long as Ray and Paul aren't sticking the dagger in you," said Woodson, "you have to deal with Rondo making [his] shots."

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